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X50 Window Tinting Price And Solution In Kuala Lumpur And Selangor

x50 window tinting price in car wrap shop near kuala lumpur

Info About Proton X50 Window Tinting Price

The Proton X50 Window tinting price is generally stay at a moderate level. On the other hand, some car tinting specialist is offering much lower X50 window tinting price. While some higher-grade window tinting film such as 3M or Vkool will yield higher car tinting cost. Hence, the X50 owner can survey several car tinting service and package for more detail. After reviewing the tinting package, X50 owner can select the tinting solution which they need.

General Intro About Proton X50

Proton launch several X50 in October 2020. After the launch of X50, a lot of car users start to like X50 and wish to own X50. As a result, Proton X50 has become one of the most popular crossover SUV in Malaysia. This is because X50 has remarkable reasonable price tag and very attractive features. Furthermore, the exterior of X50 is sporty and full of modern element.

As a reference info, X50 has a pretty good 3-cylinder 1.5 turbo-charge engine which can easily make 147hp. Furthermore, this 3-cylinder engine does not cause serious vibration problem. This is because Proton and Geely has install a very good vibration elimination system in X50.

On the other hand, X50 has a lot of very useful electronic assisting system. Generally, some X50 model has auto-parking and auto-braking system. Nevertheless, several X50 has a wonderful sky roof which can be a fun factor for kid and family trip.  

The Benefit of Proton X50 Window Tinting Solution

Many X50 owner will implement the window tinting solution because X50 window tinting price is reasonable. Furthermore, window tinting layer will play important role to reduce the temperature in the car. This is because good window tinting layer will reflect the UV light and heat energy back to the exterior space. As a result, the interior of X50 will become cool and comfortable.

Additionally, several car tinting film has good anti-thief feature. In other words, some car tinting film has a strong polymer layer which will increase the impact absorption level of the glass. Thus, the glass will not break easily after having a car tinting film as a protection layer.

Why X50 Window Tinting Price Range is huge?

When surveying the tinting package, we will feel that the X50 window tinting price range is big. This is because several car tinting workshop will offer wide range of car tinting package for X50. Thus, different package will use different grade of window tinting film. As a result, different grade of window tinting film will cause a huge price range.

Which X50 window tinting solution is more suitable? X50 owner will select the tinting solution base on the requirement. Hence, some X50 owner will select high-grade tinting film from 3M or Vkool for better protection. On the other hand, some X50 owner will prefer use a more economic tinting film. Then, they can change tinting film frequently without burden.

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