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X50 Car Wrap Price With High Gloss Car Wrap Sticker

x50 car wrap price near kuala lumpur

Info About X50 Car Wrap Price

The Proton X50 car wrap price is generally ranging from moderate to high level. This is because there are lot of car wrap material in the market which is good for X50. Hence, different car wrap sticker selection will create different level of X50 car wrap price in KL Selangor. Generally, the X50 owners will select the car wrap sticker base on their own preference and budget control.

Nowadays, the high gloss car wrap sticker has a lot of color and brand options. So, the X50 owner will have more customizing flexibilities to create a new appearance for their X50.

Introduction About Proton X50

X50 is a new crossover SUV in the Proton car model lineup. As a reference info, Proton X50 is a popular crossover SUV in year 2020. This is because X50 has a beautiful exterior and high technology feature. Thus, there are a lot people waiting for the launching of X50 in year 2020. Nowadays, the X50 is a best selling SUV of Proton.

As a reference info, Proton X50 has a inline 3 cylinder turbo-charge engine. Generally, Proton has launched a few model with different feature combination for X50. Thus, certain X50 can boost the 1.5-cylinder engine to make 174hp. Meanwhile, some other X50 will has an ecu setting to allow the engine to generate 147hp. Nevertheless, the 3 cylinder turbo engine has a good ecu mapping to create better drive band. In other words, the turbo lag symptom is reduce significantly and the engine can has full boost after 3000rpm. Besides, Geely and Proton has put a very good vibration elimination system to reduce engine vibration. Thus, the driver and passenger will hardly feel the vibration of the 3 cylinder engine.

Furthermore, some model of X50 has auto-parking and auto-braking assisting feature. Additionally, the X50 has traction control to enhance the X50 driving safety. Hence, X50 has a lot of users and owners in Malaysia.

Outcome of Car Wrap Service With High Gloss Sticker

Generally, the high gloss car wrap sticker will help to make the X50 sport exterior to become sportier. This is because the high gloss car wrap sticker will add a layer of highly reflective layer on the X50 exterior surface. Thus, the X50 exterior appearance will become more attractive with chrome alive surface.

Why X50 Car Wrap Solution is popular nowadays?

Many X50 owners like car wrap solution is because car wrapping film will transform the X50 exterior effectively. Furthermore, high gloss car wrap sticker will add several unique elements to the X50. Lastly, reasonable X50 car wrap price is the reason why people like car wrap solution nowadays.

General List About X50 Car Wrap Price In KL Selangor

  • Standard Grade High Gloss Car Wrap Film : RM1650-2350
  • 3M / Avery High Grade Car Wrap Sticker: RM3250 and above

Feel free to contact Automax for more detail about material selection.

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