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Wrap Car Side Mirror With Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrapping Sticker

carbon fibre car wrap sticker

About Wrapping Car Side Mirror

The side mirror of the car is one of the parts which is usually need vinyl wrapping sticker as a protection layer. This is because the side mirror is installed at the widest part of the car body. Thus, the side mirror has a higher chance to be scratched by other substances or object. Hence, some car owner wishes to wrap the side mirror of their car by using carbon fibre vinyl wrapping sticker or film. As a result, the side mirror will have better protection. At the same time, the carbon fibre texture will make the side mirror to become modern and sporty.

Advantage of Wrapping Car Side Mirror with Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrapping film / sticker

The carbon fibre vinyl wrapping film normally is thicker than normal vinyl car wrap sticker. Thus, this kind of vinyl wrapping film will provide more protection to the side mirror. Hence, the sharp object with strong impact force will hardly scratch the side mirror surface directly.

On the other hand, the carbon fibre vinyl wrapping film will protect the side mirror from the chemical substance and bird drop. This is because the bird drop is a problem when parking the car under the tree or electric pole in the evening. Firstly, the bird drop is dirty. We cannot wipe away easily by using tissue when there are a lot on the side mirror. As a result, the bird drop will degrade the paint after a period of time. Hence, the carbon fibre vinyl wrapping film is a good protection film to prevent the chemical substance and bird drop directly contact with the paint.

What is carbon fibre vinyl wrapping sticker?

The carbon fibre vinyl wrapping sticker is an elastic vinyl film with good adhesive which will attach on the paint surface nicely. Generally, this vinyl car wrap film has a beautiful carbon fibre texture. Thus, people call it carbon fibre vinyl film even though it is not an actual nano carbon fibre. However, this vinyl wrapping film is still thicker than normal vinyl film if the manufacturer make it properly.

Type of carbon fibre vinyl car wrap sticker:

There are 3 main type of carbon fibre vinyl car wrap sticker. In the market, there are glossy carbon fibre vinyl, semi glossy carbon fibre vinyl and matte carbon fibre vinyl film. At the same, different manufacturer will offer different color and toning options. Hence, the car owner can select a wrapping vinyl sticker which they wish to use to wrap the side mirror.

Car Side Side Mirror Wrapping Process

  1. Before wrapping the side mirror, some installer will prefer to dissemble the side mirror cover from the car body. On the other hand, some installer will directly wrap the side mirror without remove the side mirror from the car body.
  2. Next, the car wrap installer will wash the side mirror cover to remove dirty substance and unwanted chemical contamination. Then, the installer will also wipe the side mirror cover with isopropyl alcohol. This process will make sure the adhesive bond permanently on the side mirror.
  3. When the side mirror cover is clean and ready, the installer will measure the side mirror. Next, the installer will cut the carbon fibre vinyl car wrap sticker. Then, the installer will wrap the car side mirror by using the carbon fibre vinyl wrapping film.
  4. During the installing process, the installer will press the wrapping film on the side mirror cover. At the same time, the installer will use the squeegee to remove air bubble and wrinkle. Furthermore, the installer will use hot air gun to heat the vinyl film in order to stretch and wrap the edge section. Additionally, the hot air will increase the bonding in between the adhesive and the paint surface.
  5. Lastly, the installer will wash or wipe the side mirror which is wrapped with the carbon fibre vinyl film. Then, the car owner can inspect the wrapping outcome and drive away the car after feeling satisfied.

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