Vinyl Car Wrap Sticker And Service For Sedan Car ( Honda City, Toyota Vios, Myvi and Hyundai Elantra )

vinyl car wrap service for sedan car

Vinyl car wrap service is a practical method to improve the sedan car appearance and exterior. Vinyl car wrap sticker is playing the role to protect the car body and its paint. Hence, vinyl car wrap sticker is ideal to be used to wrap the car when the sedan car is paint is new. On the other hand, vinyl car wrap film is a good material for wrapping the car body when the car paint is degrade.


Introduction of Vinyl Car Wrap Sticker

Vinyl car wrap sticker is a good quality sticker with memory PVC adhesive. Thus, the vinyl film can be stretch in order to wrap the car body which has curvy car body shape. Furthermore, the PVC adhesive can memorize the car body shape and stay permanently after being heat with high temperature. Besides, vinyl car wrap film has a bubble release layer. Hence, the Automax2000 vinyl car wrap service specialist can easily squeeze and remove the air bubble during the installation process. In short, vinyl car wrap film is made with the innovative technology to wrap and protect the sedan car body.


Type of Wrapping Vinyl Film

In the market, vinyl car wrap sticker has several options. Hence, different vinyl car wrap film will produce different outcome and exterior appearance. Generally, glossy vinyl wrapping film is ideal for wrapping the sedan car.

The solid color glossy vinyl car wrap sticker will make the exterior to like the conservative metallic paint surface. However, the solid color glossy vinyl sticker has better reflective surface because of its coated and laminated layer. Hence, the solid color glossy vinyl film will make the sedan car look better compare to metallic paint.


Popular Carbon Fibre Vinyl Car Wrap Film

On the other hand, the sedan car owner can select vinyl car wrap film with other surface effect and furnishing. Carbon fibre texture vinyl wrapping film is a popular vinyl sticker for wrapping certain parts of car. The sedan car owner normally would like to cover the engine hood, side mirror cover, skirting, front lips and car roof with carbon fibre texture vinyl car wrap film. As a result, the sedan car such as Honda city, Toyota Vios and Myvi will look sporty and attractive.


Matte Metallic and Glossy Gradient Vinyl Film

Furthermore, there are matte furnishing vinyl car wrap sticker and glossy gradient wrapping film. These two kinds of vinyl car wrap stickers are a higher quality vinyl wrapping film. Thus, they can make the exterior of the sedan car to become eye catchy and pop. The gradient car wrap sticker will change its gradient color under different lighting effect and sunlight focusing angle. On the other hand, the matte furnishing car wrap sticker will add a muscular and sporty personality for the sedan car.

Hence, the sedan car owner can upgrade and protect the exterior surface of the sedan car with the vinyl sticker. This is because the vinyl car wrap solution is faster, lower cost and beautiful.

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