Car Nano Ceramic Coating

Two Main Advantages of Car Nano Ceramic Coating For Exterior Surface

Car Nano Ceramic Coating Advantages

Car Nano ceramic coating is an advance surface protection solution for car body. This is because the Nano ceramic coating will form a thin layer of strong nano polymer film on the car body. Thus, the nano ceramic coating will create a protection layer to the car exterior and paint surface. Hence, the car appearance will become shiny, highly reflective and look like new. Furthermore, ceramic coating will help to minimize the car body maintenance. This is because the coating layer will make the car body to become more resilient and easier to be cleaned or wash.

The nano ceramic coating is an innovative chemical product for the car detailing and surface protection. The nano ceramic coating is a polymer bonding layer which is form by silicon dioxide or Si02. When the silicon or silica composition combine with titanium dioxide, triethanolamine, water and various chemical ingredient, they will have a chemical reaction. As a result, a thin but extremely strong polymer layer will be form and stay permanently on the car surface. Hence, this nano polymer layer is what we call it as nano ceramic coating.


High Gloss finish

The ceramic coating is crystal clear and highly reflective layer. Hence, the ceramic coating will add a glossy furnishing layer on the car body paint. Thus, the car body will have a glossy and elegant appearance. Besides that, the ceramic coating will make the car paint to pop with gloss. This is because the silica coating  layerwill add the depth and clarity to the car paint. For car owner who like glossy and highly reflective car body, ceramic coating is a perfect car coating solution.


Permanent Protection of Car Nano Ceramic Coating Layer

Car Nano Ceramic coating is a silica layer which is forming a bond on the car surface. Hence, this silica layer is strong and resistance to certain level of scratches and stone chip impact. Thus, ceramic coating is practical to be used to protect the car body.

Furthermore, the ceramic coating will help to prevent dirt and dust to form swirling effect on the car surface. Furthermore, this permanent bond ceramic coating layer will also protect the car from tiny scratches which is caused by dirt and mud. This is because the dirt and mud will contact with the ceramic coat first before directly scratch on the car paint. Thus, the ceramic coat will work as a front layer to protect the paint layer which is underneath it.

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