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Proton X70 Car Wrap Services Near Kuala Lumpur – KL Car Wrap Workshop

Proton X70 Car Wrap Service in the car wrap shop near kuala lumpur

Intro About Proton X70 Car Wrap Services

Nowadays, the Proton X70 car wrap services is having a lot of selections or combinations.  In other words, there are more car wrap packages for Proton X70. Hence, the Proton X70 owner can research and select the packages which will create a new appearance for their X70. Generally, Proton X70 car wrap services is a very effective solution to change or enhance X70 exterior. Thus, the X70 will has a new and unique exterior appearance.

Info About Proton X70

Proton has successfully launch X70 in year 2018. After the launching of X70, Proton has also launch several model to fulfilled different buyer requirement. Hence, the sales of X70 are very good and receive very nice response in Malaysia. Generally, this is because Proton has equipped X70 with a lot of advantage technology and assisting software. Furthermore, X70 has beautiful exterior design. Thus, some X70 will start to use car wrap solution to improve or highlight X70 exterior appearance.

KL Car Wrap Workshop Services

Automax Car wrap workshop is offering very practical and professional car wrap services near Kuala Lumpur. As a reference info, the car wrap worshop is also providing very nice car wrap packages for X70. Thus, the Proton X70 onwer can use car wrap method to change or transform their X70 exterior.

Generally, most of the car wrap workshop is providing a lot of sticker selections for Proton X70. Thus, X70 owner who would like to use car wrap solution can select the sticker according to what they like. Then, the car wrap workshop and vehicle wrapping specialist will wrap the X70 according to the owner selection.

Advantages of X70 Car Wrap Solution

Many X70 owner prefer to implement car wrap as exterior transform solution because of its advantages. As a reference info, car wrap sticker is a very effective car exterior protection shield. This is because most of the car wrap sticker will able to reduce the risk of the car paint from having scratch mark. When the sharp object is contacting the car exterior, car wrap sticker will be the outer layer to withstand the impact. Hence, most of the scratch will not directly form on the car paint surface.

Additionally, car wrap sticker has a lot of furnishing and color options. Thus, car wrap sticker will able to create more difference and special car exterior appearance if compare to paint. In other words, car wrap sticker will form more unique element for the car exterior.

Matte And Glossy Car Wrap Sticker Nowadays, matte and glossy car wrap sticker are the major sticker selection for car wrap project. This is because glossy sticker will form very attractive mirror-alike visual effect for Proton X70. While matte sticker will form a very sporty matte appearance for X70. Thus, Proton X70 will select either matte or glossy sticker to wrap their X70.

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