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Professional Car Wrap Workshop Near Setapak And Gombak

Professional car wrap shop near Setapak and Gombak

Info About Car Wrap Workshop Near Setapak

The Automax professional car wrap workshop near Setapak is providing practical car wrap solution. Generally, Automax is specializing in wrapping sedan, hatchback, SUV and MPV by using vinyl sticker. Thus, the vehicle exterior surface will has a new appearance. Furthermore, Automax is preparing a lot of car wrap sticker selection for the car owner. So, the car owner can spend some time to select their favorite sticker and customized their vehicle outlook. In shorts, Automax is a professional car wrap workshop near Setapak and Gombak which provide skillful car wrap services.

Services In Setapak and Gombak Car Wrap Shop

The professional car wrap shop near Gombak and Setapak is offering the services as below:

  • Car wrap services
  • Vehicle window tinting services
  • PPF installation services
  • Minor car wrap issue repairing solution

Generally, the car owner who wish to start a car wrap project and wrap their car with vinyl sticker can contact Automax. Thus, Automax will try to share the information which is required by the car owner. In other words, Automax will be an alternative workshop selection when car owner is planning to wrap their car.

Matte Vehicle Wrapping Film

Automax is providing the services to wrap the car by using matte vehicle wrapping film. As a reference info, matte vehicle wrapping film is a popular car wrap sticker in the car wrap industry. Firstly, matte wrapping film has a lot of selection and most of the matte sticker cost is relatively more affordable. Thus, lower matte sticker cost will help to reduce the overall car wrap project cost.

Secondly, matte car wrap film can create a more unique car exterior appearance. When the car which is wrapped by matte sticker is right beside a normal car, we will see the difference. This is because the car with matte appearance will look more special in that scenario.

As a result, a lot of car owner will prefer to select matte wrapping film to wrap their car exterior surface. Thus, their car exterior appearance will transform to become sportier and more unique. Nevertheless, the matte vehicle wrapping will able to protect the car exterior from minor scratches issue.

High Gloss Wrapping Sticker

The high gloss wrapping sticker is another good vehicle wrapping film. This is because high gloss sticker can effectively add some wow factor for the car exterior appearance. Thus, the car exterior which has a glossy wrapping sticker wrapping layer will look attractive and elegant. Hence, Automax is offering professional car wrap services by using high gloss sticker in the workshop near Setapak.

As a reference info, high gloss wrapping sticker has a highly reflective exterior surface. Thus, certain highly glossy wrapping sticker is having a mirror-alike visual effect. Hence, some people who see a car which has highly glossy exterior will feel wow and exciting.

3M Car Wrap Sticker In Professional Vehicle Wrapping Workshop

The 3M vehicle wrapping sticker is a premium car wrap sticker. Generally, some car owner is selecting 3M vehicle wrapping sticker because of its quality and final outcome. As a reference info, 3M vehicle wrapping sticker has a very good color appearance and degrade resistance feature. Furthermore, the adhesive of the 3M vehicle wrapping sticker can perform out of expectation. Thus, certain professional car wrap workshop near Setapak and Gombak is providing 3M car wrap solution for car owner. Furthermore, some car wrap specialist is only using 3M car wrap sticker to complete the car wrapping project.

PPF Wrapping Solution

Nowadays, PPF wrapping solution is getting more and more demand from the car owner. Generally, PPF is a perfect car paint protection film in the car wrapping sector. This is because high quality PPF will able to prolong the lifespan of the car paint layer. Generally, PPF can reflect most of the UV ray from the sun light and other light source. Thus, the car paint will not degrade and fade because of UV ray.

Additionally, PPF is popular with its transparency and high clarity index. Thus, PPF will form a highly reflective and glossy layer on the car exterior surface. Hence, the car exterior will not lost its glossiness easily as long as the PPF condition is good. In other words, the glossiness of the PPF layer has much longer lifespan if compare to wax.

Furthermore, PPF will protect the car paint surface from stone chip and sharp object. This is because high quality PPF is good enough to withstand the impact of the stone chip and sharp object. Nevertheless, PPF will play the role to prevent the stone chip to leave the scratch on the car paint directly. Additionally, PPF is also having good hydrophobic layer. Hence, dust and water stain will not form easily on the car exterior surface.

In short, PPF has a lot of advantages and able to protect the car exterior surface. Hence, some car owner will send their car for PPF wrapping especially when their car is new or car paint condition is good. Thus, some professional car wrap workshop near Setapak is providing the solution to wrap the car with PPF.

Benefit and Advantages of Vehicle Wrapping Solution

The vehicle wrapping solution is offering several useful advantages for the car exterior. Firstly, vehicle wrapping solution is a professional solution to transform the car exterior appearance. Generally, most of the car on the road is having a metallic paint surface. Hence, some car owners wish their car exterior will has more unique, special and sporty appearance. Thus, professional car wrap workshop near Setapak and Gombak is offering the solution to transform the car exterior by using wrapping film.

Secondly, vehicle wrapping solution is a good method to recover the car exterior condition. After the car paint is fading or degrading, most of the car wrap sticker can effectively cover the defect surface. Hence, the car will has a new and beautiful exterior appearance after wrapping by vinyl sticker.

Nevertheless, vehicle wrapping sticker can play the role to protect the car body. This is because most of the car wrapping sticker can protect the car paint from UV light. Hence, the UV ray will hardly degrade and make the metallic paint to fade. Furthermore, wrapping sticker is good enough to reduce scratch problem. This is because the sharp object such as stone chip will not able to scratch the paint surface directly.

Getting the Quotation And Info From Professional Car Wrap Workshop Near Setapak

When planning to wrap the car exterior, the car owner will require the info and reference pricing or cost. Thus, Automax is a professional car wrap workshop near Setapak and Gombak which will share the information. Hence, the car owner will get the price and information about the car wrap sticker selections. Nevertheless, the car owner will also get a detail quotation when the car owner know the sticker which they wish to use.

As a reference info, the car owners should collect enough information if it is their first time to start car wrap project. Furthermore, info reviewing and comparing work will help the car owner to select a car wrap shop which they like.

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