PPF Car Wrap

PPF Car Wrap Price And Wrapping Cost For PPF Near Kuala Lumpur

PPF Car Wrap Price And Wrapping Cost Near Kuala Lumpur

Intro About PPF Car Wrap Price

The PPF car wrap price is generally becoming more and more affordable nowadays. Hence, more car owners are starting to accept the PPF as one a practical car exterior protection solution. Thus, the car owners can select either wax, ceramic coating or PPF as their car exterior protection medium.

On the other hand, there are more and more PPF car wrap shop in Kuala Lumpur. As a result, the car owners can contact or visit the PPF car wrap shop nearby their place. So, the car owners can understand the detail about PPF car wrap price and packages. Literally, reasonable PPF car wrap price and more PPF packages options are always the good news for the car owners.

Info About PPF

PPF is a polymer plastic film which can play the role to protect the car body. Generally, the PPF will be the first or outer layer above the car paint surface. Hence, the PPF can effectively prevent sharp object or danger substance to contact the car body directly. In other words, PPF is durable film which will work a shield for car exterior surface.

Advantages of PPF Car Wrap

After the car is having PPF layer, the PPF will bring several advantages for the car. Thus, more and more car owners are preferring to use PPF as the exterior shield layer for their car. Generally, the followings are the advantages of PPF car wrap:

Transparent and High Reflective Index

PPF is a highly transparent plastic film with high reflective index. Hence, the PPF will preserve the appearance of the car paint. Furthermore, the high reflective index of the PPF will make the car exterior surface to become glossy and elegant. 

Reduce the Bad Scratch Issue

The PPF will act as an exterior shield layer for the car paint surface. When the sharp object or stone chip contact the car exterior, the PPF will protect the car paint surface. This is because the sharp object or stone chip will hardly scratch the paint surface directly. Furthermore, some good quality PPF car wrap film is able to withstand the impact of sharp object. Hence, the scratch effect will become minimized.

UV Protection and Reduce Car Paint Fading Issue

Some PPF car wrap film has a UV protection layer. In order words, the UV from sun light will hardly go through the PPF will degrade the car paint. This is because the PPF UV protection layer will able to reflect the UV. Hence, the PPF will play the role to protect the car paint layer. As a result, the car paint will not degrade and fade easily.

PPF Car Wrap Price Is Affordable

Pricing and installation cost is also one of the advantages of the PPF car wrap film. This is because the PPF car wrap price is reducing and becoming more affordable. Hence, a more affordable PPF car wrap cost is a good news for the car owner.

Maintenance and Care Is Easier

The car owner can take care of the PPF car wrap film easily. By comparing to ceramic coating, the PPF car wrap film will not drop off or becoming thin easily. Generally, it is good to wash the car regularly after having the PPF car wrap film. 

Effective Self-healing Feature

Lastly, some good quality or high grade PPF car wrap film has strong self-healing feature. In other words, the hot air gun can blow the PPF to fix the air bubble or winkle issue. Commonly, the PPF will reform and recover to become flat and smooth surface after receiving enough heat energy. 

Why the PPF Car Wrap Price is becoming more affordable nowadays?

The PPF car wrap price is becoming more affordable because of its popularity. Nowadays, the demand for PPF is increasing day by day. Hence, most car wrap shop in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area will wrap more car per month. As a result, the operating cost such as rental and labor cost per project is reducing. Thus, the PPF car wrap price and PPF wrapping cost are become more affordable and reasonable.

The outcome of affordable PPF car wrap price and reasonable PPF installation cost?

When the PPF car wrapping cost is affordable, more car owner will able to protect their car with PPF. Hence, the car owner will have another practical and effective car protection solution. As a result, the car exterior can enjoy PPF protection instead of implementing wax or ceramic coating. Generally, the car owner will has more alternative options to protect and recover their car exterior condition.

List of Estimation Cost For PPF or PPF Car Wrap Price:

  • PPF Car Wrap Starter Pack: RM750 – RM950
  • Full Car PPF Car Wrap With Grade A PPF: RM950 – RM1600
  • 3M PPF Car Wrap Package: RM1500-RM3000

** The PPF car wrap price difference is depending on the vehicle, car body shape and material.

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