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Myvi Car Wrap Price – Semi Gloss Metallic Promo Pack

myvi car wrap price with semi-gloss car wrap sticker

About Myvi Car Wrap Price

Myvi car wrap price is becoming affordable nowadays in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur area. This is because the material options for the car wrapping is increasing. Additionally, there are more and more car wrap demand in Malaysia. In other words, the car wrap solution is becoming popular and complete more project per weeks. Thus, the Myvi car wrap price is slightly cheaper compare to the pricing of few years ago.

About Perodua Myvi

As everyone know, Myvi is a popular and reliable car in Malaysia. Generally, we can see a lot of Myvi on the road. In other words, Myvi is a popular daily drive car for Malaysian. Hence, some Myvi car body require additional protection and covering layer. Thus, some Myvi owner will select car wrap solution to protect the Myvi car body. Furthermore, some Myvi owner is preferring car wrap solution to recover their Myvi exterior condition. This is because the Myvi car wrap price is lower compare to paint spray solution.

Benefit of Wrapping Car With Semi-Gloss Metallic Car Wrap Sticker

Removal In Future

The car wrap specialist can easily remove the car wrap sticker in future. When the Myvi owner wish to change the appearance of their Myvi, the car wrap specialist can remove the sticker. Then, the wrapping specialist will wrap the Myvi exterior with a new set of vinyl wrapping sticker.

More Attractive Material Options

Nowadays, semi-gloss metallic car wrap sticker has a lot of options. Thus, the Myvi owner can select the color and sticker options which can fulfill their requirement.

Enhance Car Body Protection

Vinyl car wrap film will play the role to protect the Myvi car body. This is because the vinyl car wrap film will prevent the stone chip directly scratch on the paint surface. Furthermore, the vinyl film will block the chemical liquid and dirty water from contacting the car body. On the other hand, vinyl car wrap film will also protect Myvi car body from bird drops. Generally, car body does not like bird drop and dirty water because they will leave stain on the car body surface.

Lower Cost And Shorter Completion Time

The vinyl sticker installation or wrapping time for Myvi is around 2 to 3 working days. Normally, the car wrapping time for Myvi is faster when comparing to paint spray service. Furthermore, Myvi car wap price for semi-gloss metallic package is lower and more affordable.

How To Wrap Myvi With Semi Gloss Metallic Car Wrap Sticker?

Firstly, the workshop will clean the Myvi car body to remove dirty substance and unwanted contamination. Next, the workshop will wipe the Myvi body surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove wax residue and grease contamination. This is because wax residue and grease will prevent the wrapping film adhesive to stick perfectly on the car body. In other words, wax residue is one of the main reasons why air bubbles are forming under the wrapping film.

When the Myvi car body is clean, the car wrap specialist will measure and cut the vinyl car wrap film. Then, the car wrap installer will start to car wrapping process. Firstly, the car wrap specialist will remove the adhesive protection film from the sticker. Next, the car wrap specialist will place the sticker gently on the Myvi car surface. When the sticker is at the correct position, the specialist will press and wipe the sticker by using squeezy. During the pressing and wiping process, the squeezy will play the role to remove air bubble and wrinkle. After completing the first part, the specialist will repeat the same car wrapping process on other parts.

When the wrapping process is end, the car specialist will inspect the wrapping quality. Next, the workshop will park the Myvi at the indoor area to let the adhesive to form strong bond. Lastly, the workshop will clean the Myvi again and release the Myvi for the customer.

Myvi Car Wrap Price – Semi Gloss Metallic Promo Pack

The Myvi car wrap price for semi-gloss metallic promo pack is RM780 to RM1370. Generally, the price difference is due to material selection and preparing work for Myvi car body. Hence, feel free to contact Automax to review the Myvi car wrap price and car wrap material. Thank you.

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