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Nano ceramic coating is best to applied on the Vellfire car body. Vellfire is a VIP MPV with elegant and impressive outlook. Furthermore, Vellfire is a popular and super comfortable business use MPV. Hence, nano ceramic coating is practical to be used to protect the paint and body of Vellfire. Furthermore, the nano ceramic coating which is applied by professional ceramic coating workshop will add a reflective and glossy layer on top of the Vellfire car body. As a result, the exterior of Vellfire will become clean, like new and well-presentable.


Advantages of applying nano ceramic coating on Vellfire

Paint and Surface Protection

Nano ceramic coating will form a silica polymer layer on the Vellfire paint surface. This silica polymer layer is strong and hard. Hence, the nano ceramic coating is able to protect the exterior of Vellfire from most of the dirt and stone chip impact. For big and sharp stone chip, the paint surface of Vellfire will still not able to walk away without any scratches. But for small stone chip impact, the nano ceramic coating will has enough hardness to prevent the stone chip hitting direct into the paint layer of Vellfire.

Furthermore, the nano ceramic coating will form an UV resistance layer on the exterior coated surface. As a result, the paint of Vellfire will hardly degrade easily by UV ray. This is because nano ceramic coating will reflect and block most of the UV ray away from the paint surface.


Glossy and Reflective Surface

Nano ceramic coating will form a thin transparent polymer layer on the exterior paint surface. This thin layer transparent silica layer will work just like a glass surface. Hence, the ceramic coating will add more depth and clarity on the paint surface of Vellfire. As a result, the Vellfire car body surface is reflective and glossy. Furthermore, this glossy and reflective surface will make Vellfire look clean and like new.


Hydrophobic Layer

The ceramic coating layer is hydrophobic. In other words, the ceramic coating layer will prevent water stay on the exterior paint surface especially when this VIP elegant MPV is moving on the road. Hence, the water will be harder to form a stain mark on the Vellfire surface compare to conventional non coat paint surface.


Easy to Maintain and Wash

The exterior surface of the vehicle which is protected by ceramic coating is easy to be washed. This is because the ceramic coating has a hydrophobic and silica polymer glassy layer. Hence, the dust, water stain and chemical contamination will hardly stick and form a permanently bond on the surface of Vellfire. Thus, the surface of Vellfire can be easily wash by using water and soft detergent.

Is it good and worth to apply a layer of nano coating on Vellfire exterior surface?

Yes. Ceramic coating is good to be apply on paint surface. The nano ceramic coat will protect the beautiful and expensive paint surface of Vellfire. Furthermore, ceramic coating will help to minimize the car maintenance work. Thus, ceramic coating will help to save cost and time.


Will nano ceramic coating make the exterior of Vellfire to become presentable, glossy and reflective most of time?

Yes. The nano ceramic coating will form a silica layer which is a thin glassy polymer layer. This silica layer will add more depth and clarity to enhance the reflectiveness of paint surface.


How to select a good nano ceramic coating workshop and packages ?

Try to approach and talk to a few ceramic coating workshops which can coat the exterior of Vellfire. Different nano ceramic coating workshop will provide different packages and solution. Hence, try to understand the ceramic coating packages and select one which is good for this VIP MPV.

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