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Glossy Civic Car Wrap Services And Price Near KL Selangor

Glossy Civic car wrap service and price near kuala lumpur

Intro About Glossy Civic Car Wrap Solution

The Glossy Civic car wrap service is good solution to make Civic to become sportier. Hence, the Glossy Civic car wrap solution is very popular among Honda Civic owners. Furthermore, the cost for car wrap is becoming more affordable nowadays. This is because the car wrap charge is more reasonable in KL Selangor when comparing to previous years. Thus, more and more Honda Civic owner is selecting glossy Civic car wrap solution to upgrade their car.  

As a result, there are more and more Honda Civic car wrap services in KL Selangor area. This is because many car wrap center is starting offering several car wrap package for Civic. Hence, the Honda Civic owner can select the car wrap film and package base on their requirement. Generally, different Civic car wrap package and vinyl film will yield different outcome.

Info About Honda Civic

Honda Civic is a popular car model which the Honda has ever made. This is because Civic is a practical beautiful and durable car. Furthermore, several Civic model has huge potential in the car modification industry. Nevertheless, Honda Civic lineup has the Tyre R model which is a flagship JDM sport car of Honda. Thus, many car owner are selecting the Honda Civic as their daily drive car and also motorsport racing car.

As an additional info, Honda is popular with a phase “Buying Honda Car And Get Free Engine”. This is because Honda always put high potential engine in their sedan car. Generally, Honda is making K-series engine and putting in the Honda Civic FD. Some of the Civic are having quite similar K-series engine which is in the Tyre R model.

Why Honda Civic car wrap solution is popular?

Civic car wrap solution is popular is because car wrap is quite solution to transform the outlook of Civic. Literally, the civic owner can select the car wrapping film base on their preference. Then, the car wrap specialist will wrap the exterior of Civic with the vinyl wrapping film. After completing the wrapping project, the Civic will has a new outlook. As a reference info, Civic will become more attractive, unique and sporty after having new vinyl wrap.

Advantages of Glossy Vinyl Car Wrap Film

Glossy vinyl car wrap solution will have the following advantages:

  • Highly reflective and chrome alike appearance
  • Protect the Civic metal surface from stone chip
  • Reduce the risk of getting scratches
  • Enhance the resistance to UV light

The outcome of wrapping Civic with glossy sticker

After Honda Civic have a glossy sticker wrapping layer, the exterior of the Civic will has the following outcome:

  • Reflective Surface
  • Highly Glossy Mirror Alike Surface
  • Special Color And Toning

Reference List for Glossy Civic Car Wrap Price And Service

  • Standard Grade Wrapping Film: RM1650-1950
  • Higher Grade Wrapping Film: RM1850-2250
  • 3M Glossy Car Wrap Sticker: RM2850-3450

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