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Car Exterior Surface Protection

Nano Ceramic Coating

Please do not hesitate to contact AutoMax2000 to get more information about the nano ceramic coating. The nano caramic coating is a good and strong silica polymer layer for car exterior protection. 

Nano ceramic coating is also an ideal coating for improving the reflective index of the car exterior surface. Thus, the car exterior will become glossy and highly reflective. 

Vinyl Car Wrap Workshop

Vinyl Car Wrap Service

AutoMax 2000 is providing the vinyl car wrap services for the car from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Vinyl car wrap film is perfect for wrapping the exterior of the sedan car, MPV, SUV and sport car. 

Vinyl car wrap film will protect the car exterior. Furthermore, vinyl wrapping film will also transform the exterior of the car to become attractive and modern.

Make The Car Cooler

Car Window Tinted Film

Car tinted film is practical for making the car to become cooler. This is because tinted film has polarized layer which can block and reflect the heat wave. Hence, the car will become cooler.

Feel free to contact us to obtain more info about the car window tinted film. There are several packages with different outcome.