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Honda HRV PPF Wrap – Best PPF Car Wrap Pack For New HRV 2022

About Honda HRV PPF Wrap Solution

PPF is an ideal car wrap protection film for protecting the beautiful exterior surface of Honda HRV 2022. As a reference, new Honda HRV year 2022 is a beautiful and attractive cross SUV. In other words, new Honda HRV has sporty, modern and nice looking exterior appearance. Generally, many car owner is trying to own this new Honda HRV because of its sporty Cross over SUV appearance. Thus, some HRV owner wish to protect their new cross HRV with either PPF wrapping film or ceramic coat.

Automax is offering several PPF car wrap packages for wrapping the new Honda HRV 2022. As a reference, there are many PPF film selection in the car detailing sector in Malaysia. In other words, the car detailing or vehicle wrapping sector has many PPF car wrap film which is generally good. Hence, Automax is preparing several PPF film wrapping solution and selection for the Honda HRV owner. So, the HRV PPF wrapping packages list will able to fulfil the need or requirement of different HRV owner.

Honda HRV PPF Car Wrap Film Selection

In Malaysia, new Honda HRV is having a lot of PPF film options and selections. Hence, the car wrap shop is trying to include the brand selection or film options as below for the HRV.

  • 3M
  • Xpel
  • Oraguard
  • Suntek
  • Llumar
  • OEM Film

By referring the list as above, the HRV PPF car wrap packages list will include the options as stated. Hence, different HRV owner can pick and select the PPF film according to their preference, budget and requirement. This is because different film will have different pro and cons. Nevertheless, different film selection will cause different packages price or cost. Thus, HRV owner can compare the Honda HRV PPF car wrap packages in order to review the differences. Furthermore, the car wrap specialist will also assist the HRV owner to know more about the packages. So, the HRV owner can filter the packages and also know more about PPF wrap.

Advantage of Wrapping Honda HRV with PPF Film

Generally, PPF film is good for protecting the paint layer of the new Honda HRV. Hence, the Honda HRV exterior paint layer will have better resistance from scratches and impact. Nevertheless, PPF film will protect the paint layer from UV impact and acidic rain water. As a reference, the following are the advantages of the wrapping the SUV exterior with the PPF film.

  • Protect The Paint Layer From Stonechip
  • Reduce The Scratches Issue
  • Protection From The UV Ray
  • Slow Down The Paint Color Fading Rate
  • Enhance The Glossiness of The HRV

HRV owner like PPF because PPF film will make the exterior of the HRV to become more glossy. This is because PPF is a highly reflective transparent film which will make the car look more shinny. Hence, HRV will become more elegant and attractive after have a PPF layer.

Furthermore, HRV owner wish to wrap their new SUV with PPF film because want to reduce the stone chip impact. When the car is moving on the road, the stone chip has high possibility to hit the paint layer. This is because the road is full of dust, small stone ship and other obstacle. Hence, the rotation of the wheel and the grip of the tyre will cause the stone chip to pop up. If the HRV is moving at certain speed, the stone chip may hit the paint layer and cause some damage. Thus, HRV owner wish the PPF film which has good impact resistance strength can protect their new HRV. So, the stone chip will not directly scratch or damage the paint layer.

How To Select The Paint Protection Film?

As a reference, it is possible to select the paint protection film by referring the following factor or criteria.

  • Cost and budget
  • Warranty
  • Brand And Grade (Series)

This is because different PPF film brand and series has different price. Sometimes, some brand or film manufacturer will offer different series with different features and price. Thus, the HRV owner can select the PPF car wrap film according to brand and series.

Furthermore, different car wrap film and packages has different warranty term and protection. Literally, the warranty cover, terms, brand of PPF film and packages price will determine the cost to wrap HRV. Hence, HRV owner can select the package and paint protection film after finalizing the budget and requirement of the project.

Why Wrapping A SUV is More Costly Than Wrapping A Sedan Car?

This is because Honda HRV has bigger exterior surface which require more installation time and PPF film. Thus, the cost of wrapping a Honda HRV is relatively higher than wrapping a smaller sedan car like Honda City or Jazz.

Will The PPF On Honda HRV Has The Self-healing Ability?

The self-healing ability of the PPF layer is determined by the feature or quality of the PPF film. If the PPF film such as 3M film which has good self-healing ability, it will self-healing on HRV as well. In other words, the film is the key factor which will affect the self-healing ability of the paint protection layer.

How PPF Car Wrap Film Protect Honda HRV From Scratches And Stone Chip?

PPF can protect the car from the stone chip because it is staying at the most outer layer of the car. Hence, the stone chip will contact with the PPF first because moving deeper to scratch the paint layer. If the moving force of the stone chip is not strong enough, the PPF will block the stone chip. Thus, high strength PPF car wrap film can effectively reduce the contact of the stone chip on the paint layer.

Will PPF Prevent The Car Paint From Fading Problem?

If the PPF car wrap film has good UV resistance, PPF can reduce the color fading rate of the HRV. Hence, Honda HRV paint layer will has longer lifespan and the color will look more vivid or solid.

Is that good to add a layer of ceramic coat on the PPF film?

Yes. It is good to add ceramic coat on the PPF film to extend the lifespan of the PPF. Furthermore, ceramic coat can enhance the strength and impact resistance of the PPF car wrap film. However, not all the film is suitable to match with ceramic coat. Hence, HRV owner who wish to add ceramic coat can communicate with PPF car wrap expert for more info.

How To Estimate The Cost Or Get A Quotation For The PPF Car Wrap Service?

The Honda HRV PPF car wrap packages list will include the info about the package  price and film selection. Hence, the Honda HRV owner can estimate the cost to wrap their HRV by referring the package list.

On the other hand, the car wrap shop will happy to prepare the quotation after knowing the HRV owner selection. When the quotation is ready, the car wrap shop will able to share the quotation via Whatsapp or email.

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